Sublimation business starter kits

Why choose a mug sublimation printing business?

Customization and Personalization

Sublimation allows for high-quality, full-color designs to be printed on mugs. This level of customization and personalization is highly appealing to customers who want unique and meaningful products. Whether it's a custom photo, a personalized message, or a design tailored to a specific interest or occasion, sublimated mugs offer a wide range of possibilities to cater to individual tastes and preferences.   

Wide Market Appeal

Mugs are a universally popular product. They are used by people of all ages and backgrounds, making them an excellent gift choice for various occasions like birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and corporate events. The versatility of sublimated mugs allows sellers to target diverse markets, including individuals, families, businesses, and organizations.

Low Production Costs and High Margins

Sublimation printing is a relatively cost-effective method of customization. Once the initial setup is in place, producing each mug becomes more affordable as it allows for mass production without significant additional costs for individual designs. This leads to higher profit margins for mug sellers, especially when selling in bulk or through online platforms where economies of scale can be leveraged.

Furthermore, sublimation mugs have a perceived higher value due to the custom nature of the product, allowing sellers to charge premium prices compared to regular, non-customized mugs. Combination of customization, broad market appeal, and relatively low production costs makes selling sublimated mugs an attractive business opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to enter the personalized gift market.

Starting your own sublimation hobby business -  unrealistic dream?

Having your own sublimation printing business - for many seems to be an difficult goal, so the choice is made in favor of paid work with a stable income. Stable income - it's important for peace of mind, when planning your finance. That's  why it's much safer and easier to start a hobby business, because you don't have to give up your basic income and take on too much risk. Just time and passion


The cost of living and large daily expenses are a     significant reason to start your printing hobby-business, because in addition to self-realization, it will provide an opportunity to earn additional profit, which is an essential factor to maintain or improve your quality of life.

  • Make profit in addition to the main job.
  • Fulfill your ambitions.
  • In time to achieve complete independence and be own boss.
  • Do work that is creative and gives you a sense of fulfillment.

Sublimation printing Starter Kit. What it is?

To make it easier for others to start printing mugs - we have created a sublimation printing business starter kit that includes everything you need to start printing. The set will help those who want to start their own business and do not know what materials and devices to choose or how exactly the sublimation process works. 

It will also be useful for those who want to save money

The sublimation printing starter kit will also be a great tool for those who regularly need sublimated mugs and for financial reasons it is cheaper to print these mugs themselves than to buy them already printed. 

The Starter Kit will "pay off" itself

The sublimation mugs included in the starter kit in printed form and sold for average market price will repay the purchase price of the sublimation Starter kit itself. Average market prices can vary depending from country. When you own a sublimation printing kit, the profit what it will bring is not limited and depends only on your determination and belief in your product and your ability to sell it.


  • The price of the set - 1049 EUR
  • Costs when buying products separately - 1167 EUR
  • Selling the mugs included in the set for a market price profit of approximately* 912 EUR

* The approximate profit is calculated by selling printed mugs at the average Latvia market price of 13 EUR/unit  for metal mugs and ceramic mugs for 10 EUR/unit.


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